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Accepting Card Payments suppliers generally have to do two things:

Firstly they need to be set up with a merchant account by an “Acquiring” Bank  A relatively simple process subject to passing the bank’s appropriate credit/risk assessment criteria, although there are alternative paths from third party providers.

The second requirement is to have the necessary solution with which to process card transactions on the merchant account, from card holder present to remote transactions such as phone, fax or internet orders or a mixture of both dependent on the type of cards to be accepted and level of transaction data demanded by customers. 

There are a wide range of solutions available from third-party providers including bureau services that will fulfil these requirements.

Increasingly both public sector and private businesses are demanding an enhanced level of data including full VAT level three details from their card capable suppliers and the ability to provide this may be crucial in continuation of the business from these card users and further growth.  Again, a range of solutions are available from both the acquiring companies and third party solution providers able to provide expert advice on the best solutions for any particular business.

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